About us

About us: In September 2013, Smartshop & Growstore Jamaica opened its doors at the Tuinstraat 16 in Winterswijk. The shop meets the needs of various target markets, including indoor cultivation, smoking accessories, and smartshop products. We purposely established ourselves in Winterswijk, because the area was lacking a good and approachable store with such a wide range of products. Naturally, you are very welcome to come visit us.

What do we want to accomplish? Our goal is to put our company firmly on the map, making it clear to our customers that we deliver quality. A good price for a great product. And, just as important, a professional service with expert knowledge. We also offer a webshop that holds all the products from our store and the industry. This means that you can always be sure to find a product suited to your needs. We strive to become a benchmark in Winterswijk and its surroundings.

Our store: The store is split into multiple shops. A Smartshop, Headshop, Seedshop, and a Growstore. This layout can also be found in our webshop, making it easier for our customers to swiftly navigate our website.