Our Seedshop is home to numerous strains and seeds, including feminized, autoflowering, and medicinal seeds. Feminized seeds are seeds that will grow flowers and mature into female plants 99.9% of the time. When exposed to an eighteen hour light cycle, these plants will grow in both length and width, but will not grow any flower heads. This is often referred to as the growth or vegetative phase. The flowering phase will ensue as soon as the plant is exposed to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. From then on, your plant will start developing flower heads. Under ideal care and conditions, with plenty of light and nutrients, you can maintain this phase as long as you want to. The length of a flowering phase depends on the strain, but usually lasts between seven to twelve weeks.

How do you recognise a sativa from an indica?

Sativa characteristics: a larger plant, with a longer leaf. Ingesting this plant will result in the following effects: mental high, alert, energetic, euphoric, creative. Great for use during the day.

Indica characteristics: a shorter plant, with a shorter and wider leaf. Ingesting this plant will result in the following effects: body high, relaxing, appetite inducing, sleep-inducing, pain relieving. Better suited for use in the evening.

Autoflowering seeds are seeds that will automatically flower, regardless of the number of light hours they are exposed to. It is this trait that makes them ideal for outdoor cultivation and multiple cycles per year. You need only provide a comfortable temperature and plenty of light.

Medicinal seeds are grown in much the same way as feminized seeds. The only difference is that medicinal seeds contain higher levels of CBD. Meaning, unlike with feminized seeds that contain more THC than CBD, you won’t experience the same potency of psychoactive effects. CBD can be especially beneficial for those suffering from stress and depression. Many of our customers also purchase these seeds to make their own CBD oil. This is yet another product that we sell in our webshop.

Our range includes almost every seed available – every strain from every brand. We’re also proud to announce that we are an official outlet for Royal Queen Seeds, Zambeza Seeds, and Kera Seeds. Seeds from every strain of these well-known brands are always in stock; other strains or brands may need to be ordered in-store. To top it all off, we often run promotions and offers, so check back regularly!